Handrails (Single)

Handrails (Single)
  • T Dock Handrails

Handrails (Single)

T Dock handrails offer safety on platforms. This is a post type handrail and can be put at up to 3 or even 4 meter intervals. It’s a perfect stainless steel component for simple and fast assembly. V4A Stainless steel. For new projects or upgrades, our handrail system is designed specifically to fit our floating docks. You will find Lug Connectors solidly fixed at the bottom of the rails. This allows the handrails to be mounted along the sides of your dock or pontoon instead of regular Lug Connectors.

Easy Installation

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The majority of our clients can install their docks in less than a day, and two people with no prior technical training are able to install 50 cubes or more in an hour. Surely if you are unable to do so, we can assist you to save even more time. We understand your time on the water is precious! Finally, our T Dock systems can be used as floating platforms for fish farms, landing platforms, maintenance structures, marina installations and other organizations such as concerts, private events, restaurants, temporary installations and of course, for water sports.

Outstanding Service

Our customer service is available 24/7 and we can even help you obtain the building plans or your dock installation permit should you request. Our in-house financing options allow us to best meet your needs while taking into consideration your possible budget constraints. We are less expensive than our competition and yet eco-friendly and always think of our impact on the environment before we make a decision that could affect our children’s future.

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