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Floating Docks

Have you ever considered expanding your current dock? Or build a completely new dock on your waterfront property? Perhaps you haven’t considered moving ahead with the project because it seems too complicated. T Dock can help you. Our floating docks are as easy to put together as 1-2-3. Do you remember playing with blocks as a child? The concept is the same – for grownups! Put your dock together yourself or have it installed by one of the experts on our team.

Why T Dock ?

Our products are Made In Europe, and built with European quality and according to European standards. With us, safety always comes first and we only manufacture to the specifications in which we would have our children walk and play on the docks. We would never put you or your family at risk. When comparing the products built by our competitors, you can consider us as the most stress-free company to buy from. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. 

Easy Transformation

Our customers say that the best part of using a T Dock is its unique versatility because it can be configured one way today, and should your needs change, configured differently tomorrow. What’s more, our docks do not overheat in the sun therefore allowing for usage year-round. This means T Docks have an additional fun factor. (UV resistance is one of the many factors that contribute to what we call the “fun factor”. Contact us to learn more about it!)

T Dock Plastic Floating Docks - Cubes can be combined to Boat Docks, Jetski Plattforms


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Easy Installation

The majority of our clients can install their docks in less than a day, and two people with no prior technical training are able to install 50 cubes or more in an hour. Surely if you are unable to do so, we can assist you to save even more time. We understand your time on the water is precious! Finally, our T Dock systems can be used as floating platforms for fish farms, landing platforms, maintenance structures, marina installations and other organizations such as concerts, private events, restaurants, temporary installations and of course, for water sports.

T Dock Plastic Floating Docks - Cubes can be combined to Boat Docks, Jetski Plattforms

Our customer service is available 24/7 and we can even help you obtain the building plans or your dock installation permit should you request. Our in-house financing options allow us to best meet your needs while taking into consideration your possible budget constraints. We are less expensive than our competition and yet eco-friendly and always think of our impact on the environment before we make a decision that could affect our children’s future.


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T Dock Plastic Floating Docks - Distribution worldwide for Boat Docks or Jetski Platforms


Quick & Easy Installation
Easy to Customise
Lightweight & Robust
Safe for the Environment
Safe for Children
Recycled Materials
Easy to Travel with
Ideal for all Seasons
Cost Effective
Minimal Maintenance
Easy to Wash
Fashion Look


Residential & Vacation Homes
Restaurants & Retail
Hotels & Resorts
Sailing & Rowing
Summer Camps
Special Events
Swim platforms
Fishing Dock



United Kingdom
And many more

T Dock Plastic Floating Docks - Mini Cubes can be combined to Boat Docks, Jetski Plattforms and more

T Dock – We Make It Float

What our customers say...

  • Thanks for this wonderful dock! It is ridiculously good. As the pictures show, the dock is just amazing! This is a rower’s dream come true. I would most certainly put an ad in Rowing News. Please extend our personal thanks to all the guys that made the connectors for us. They made it seamless for us. We truly appreciate the service. Thank you very much once again!
    George Volumanous
  • I installed the T Dock on my floating dock this weekend. Your instructions were great and easy to follow. It only took about 2 hours. The T dock is an excellent design, and they work great. Thanks for a great product and for all of your help.
    John Miller
  • Put the dock together and in the water in one day! It looks amazing and my wife is absolutely thrilled with it.
    Emil Jerigan
  • Good Day to you. Often we don’t tell people “thank-you” enough. I took this photo last night standing on our dock. My son caught sand bass and catfish, we kayaked and watched a beautiful sunset. Already people ask “where we got our dock”. Anyway, it is a great product and I wanted to say thanks. Have a good day. Thank you very much once again!
    Anatoly Durachev