The effects of Mother Nature…

The effects of Mother Nature…


  • What about wind, waves and water current?  

T Dock’s extreme durability, flexibility and light weight allow it to withstand the maximum waves and chop of any floating dock. The most vulnerable point will be the mooring. Typically, locations which experience waves under 2 feet in height are acceptable for T Dock moorings. See your T Dock advisor to determine if your mooring site is feasible. 


  • What about ice?

T Dock is designed to remain in the water all year, even where freezing occurs. The Dock simply “pops-up” on top of the ice and is not damaged. “Stand-Alone” mooring poles must be removed. The T Dock should be removed for the winter where ice flows may tear out and wash away structures. Craft should always be land stored in areas subject to ice.


  •  What about tide waters?

The Tide Manager mooring system will allow the Dock to float up and down with fluctuating water levels.