Connecting Pin

Connecting Pin

Connecting Pin

Each group of 4 cubes creates a perfect square with a hole in the center of the assembly. This hole allows the pin to go through and lock the cubes within its structure. Made out of High Density Polyethylene, they are robust and secure. Using a ‘T’-bar tool, the pin is screwed into the sliding nut. Since the pin is fixed through each corner tab of each cube, it tightly holds the structure together. When fixed in position the top surface of the pin becomes part of the dock and is textured with an Anti skid surface.

Height (full height) 22cm (8.67″)
Diameter 13,5cm / 5.31″ (inner) 17.2cm / 6.77″
Cavities 4: for better hold and better through flow
Resistant to temperatures from -85°C to +90°C
Weight 0.380 kg / 0.84 lbs
Made from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)
Anti skid surface with honeycomb structure for better thread
All our products are TUV tested and ISO 9001 certified
Made in Italy

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