Gangway 1.5m

T Dock offers four gangway size options that are suitable for most marine applications – 1 X 1.5 – 1 X 2 – 1 X 3 or – 1 X 5 – meters. They can also be merged together. As a custom gangway manufacturer, we offer options and accessories suited to our client’s needs. Our staff will work with you to engineer a product that meets the loading and environmental specifications for your individual project. Our gangways, docks, and accessories are high quality products designed by T Dock. Talk to a T Dock project expert for more information or connection options on your dock ramp. You may have an optional transition plate or a departure angle placed at the front or rear of the gangway. Designed for better comfort they are easy to assemble and to carry. Strong, customizable, and with a great value for money they are the perfect choice for your jetty. Articulating or Stationary mooring connections, handrail, and accessories make the Simple Gangway easy to configure to fit a range of applications.

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