Post Cube – Purple

Post Cube – Purple
  • Purple Post Cube

Post Cube – Purple

The Post Cube is used as an anchoring solution. It is suitable for still waters, up to 3 meters during high tide. You can chase a pipe through them and anchor your dock firmly in place. Usually a minimum of two post cubes is required for a better fixating the dock in place. This anchoring option allows your dock to float up during high tide and float down when the tide is low. Isn’t this amazing? T Docks are as easy to put together as 1-2-3. We are committed developing High Density Polyethylene products of superior design, performance and value. We pride ourselves on developing an ongoing, lifelong relationship with you, our customer and our extensive network of T Dock distributors.

All our products are TUV tested and ISO 9001 certified
Made in Italy

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