Project Planning

We will help you to plan your project from inception to execution.


We can solve your problems and consult you on installation and maintenance any any other aspects of your floating dock project.

Turnkey Projects

T Dock designs, manufactures and constructs residential projects as well as commercial projects including international yacht clubs and resorts.

Our Services

T Dock brings together design, consulting, permitting, installation and maintenance services under one roof leading to higher quality, on-budget and on-time project completion.

Our experience allows us to address the unique challenges of your project – from currents to rough water, water and soil conditions, structural and environmental issues and other challenges.


Project Planning  We can use your blueprints to develop a design together with you.


Consulting   Our team of engineers can fly out to assist you locally. Top of the line marina construction materials are available in addition to floating docks.

Project Management T Dock can manage the whole process for your from A-Z and deliver you a turn key solution.


Feasibility Studies Right documents for your project analysis Environment feasibility studies as well as impact studies Statistical analysis documents on per project basis


Maintenance and Repair Although T Dock projects come with a minimum of a 5 year warranty a repair crew is available to be dispatched to your site and help in the repair and maintenance service.

Permit Processing Some countries require documentation prior to installing docks.  T.Dock has both permanent and temporary docks in our assortment and can assist you in procuring the documentation required by your government or institutions to facilitate the construction.


Manufacturing T Dock can develop a product specifically for you. Exactly to your specification including height, width, depth, colour and more. Email us your detailed requirements and T Dock team will assist you


Construction T Dock team can do the installation and construction of your dock – should you require special services then we can assist in the outsourcing – such as digging work or cement work


What our clients say about us

  • Put the dock together and in the water in one day! It looks amazing and my wife is absolutely thrilled with it.
    Emil Jerigan
  • I installed the T Dock on my floating dock this weekend. Your instructions were great and easy to follow. It only took about 2 hours. The T dock is an excellent design, and they work great. Thanks for a great product and for all of your help.
    John Miller
  • Good Day to you. Often we don’t tell people “thank-you” enough. I took this photo last night standing on our dock. My son caught sand bass and catfish, we kayaked and watched a beautiful sunset. Already people ask “where we got our dock”. Anyway, it is a great product and I wanted to say thanks. Have a good day. Thank you very much once again!
    Anatoly Durachev
  • Thanks for this wonderful dock! It is ridiculously good. As the pictures show, the dock is just amazing! This is a rower’s dream come true. I would most certainly put an ad in Rowing News. Please extend our personal thanks to all the guys that made the connectors for us. They made it seamless for us. We truly appreciate the service. Thank you very much once again!
    George Volumanous